If you are looking at this book, nasal polyps are likely dragging you down for some time, and you are actively seeking answers and remedies. Is surgery the best option? Can we avoid steroids and antibiotics? How to recover our sense of smell and taste?

You know from experience that physicians don’t have all the answers. You have also read claims on the Internet from others who have found ‘the’ solution using this-or-that remedy but, for some reason, it doesn’t work for you.

I struggled with nasal polyps myself for many years, relapsed, and declined a second surgery. After years of research and experiments, I have been feeling great for more than ten years.

I have written this book about everything I’ve discovered and I’ve done. It’s your comprehensive and step by step guide to:

– Feel much better quickly
– Reclaim your breath and your sleep
– Say goodbye to sinusitis and headaches
– Get your energy and your joy back
– Enjoy the taste and smell of food again

I hope to hear back from you soon,

The book is available in paperback and eBook formats (PDF, Kindle, Android, and iPad/iPhone) on Shrinknasalpolyps.com.